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Pre - Kindergarden A'

Through a series of activities – songs, storytelling, drawing, games, crafts, etc. – children are equipped with the knowledge that will help them discover the world around them.

Furthermore, the following activities take place: 

Music & play education

The children participate in both free and guided games that help them be integrated into a group by getting to know their body, their friends, and the space in which they are moving. Some of the stimuli the children receive are musical instruments, psychomotor instruments (e.g. hoops, ribbons), and traditional dances and songs.


The children express themselves and develop their creativity by exploring elements of the dramatic art (role-play, movement, speech, space, time, symbols). The activity is simplified for the younger children, who simply imitate the teachers.


The children’s fine motor skills, group spirit, and enjoyment of creativity and imagination are developed. The children come into contact with very simple materials and, in collaboration with their teachers, make tasty little treats which they enjoy with their parents at home.


Every week, the children choose their favorite story, read it at home with their parents, and come to school and share that story with their friends. They thus develop their language skills, as well as their imagination.

Plays - Puppet plays - Shadow plays

Our school diligently organizes plays, puppet plays, or shadow plays, with the children’s participation being a necessary condition.

Environmental education

Through experiential playing, role-playing, songs, stories, etc., the children are educated on the importance of protecting the Environment. They learn little “eco-secrets” to use at home, in the classroom, in their neighborhood, and the world at large.


Twice a week, the children have their first experience with the English language through play.