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Μαθήματα Κολύμβησης

External collaborations since 1987. Swimming lessons by specialized instructors take place twice a week. The children are divided into groups depending on their level (beginners, advanced...).


Ballet lessons are given by a specialized teacher/dancer twice a week for girls and boys aged 3-6.

Αθλητικές Δραστηριότητες στα Ζαρκαδάκια

Once a week, children aged 2-6 become acquainted with sports (floor exercises, basketball, football, tennis, trampoline).


“Zarkadakia” lie at the foothills of Ymittos, at the green suburb of Papagou. It is a detached one-floor building, with a large garden and a playground adapted to the needs of the children. The children enjoy 30’-40’ of free and organized play outside daily, unless the weather conditions are unsuitable for such (rain, snow, heatwave); in such cases, this type of play takes place in an open space inside the school.


Brunch (elevensies) and lunch are offered. Traditional Greek meals are cooked daily. The food is adapted to the needs of each child. The meal plan has been approved by the school’s pediatrician, Ms. Athina Koutzoglou. We follow all the procedures stipulated by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards and employ a staff trained in the fundamental principles of hygiene and food safety, as stipulated by the Hellenic Food Authority (EFET).


Security is provided to children from the moment they enroll to the school. The building is fitted with a fire safety system, as well as cameras on its exterior. Moreover, there is liability insurance for every child in case of an accident. We collaborate with all the major hospitals of Athens.

Μεσημεριανός Ύπνος

Nap time is available for children aged 2-3.